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Our Mission...

"To promote non-invasive, low impact recreation in Cameron County and the surrounding area, preserving and maintaining the peaceful integrity and natural beauty of the region that residents, camp owners and visitors enjoy, while protecting the property values and quality of life that permanent residents desire and to which they are entitled."

Important Meeting Concerning ATV/UTV Use on Emporium Borough Roads!

Please make plans to attend the Emporium Borough Council meeting on Monday, September 25th at 4:00PM. This is an important meeting as we will be presenting our slide show and information regarding the safety issues of ATV's on public roads.

Meetings with township supervisors / Emporium Rotary Club

We've made presentations to the township supervisors in Lumber, Portage, Gibson, and Shippen townships. We've also put on a slide show presentation to the Emporium Rotary Club regarding our position on ATV's on public roads.

Public Forum Concerning ATV/UTV Use on Cameron County Public Roads

The forum on August 3rd was well attended with representatives from PSP, PGC, DCNR, Seneca Resources, and the Cameron County District Attorney's office on the panel. Thanks to everyone who participated.

More input on the dangers on ATVs on pulic roads...

The Cameron County Commissioners recently received a letter from the Consumer Federation of America that highlighted the concerns of ATV/UTV on public roads. See the letter by clicking here. Make sure to share this!

Our beautiful land needs your help

The Elk State Forest, State Game Lands 014, and Sizerville and Sinnemahoning State Parks, and the many high quality and exceptional value streams and creeks, all within Cameron County, yield virtually unlimited opportunities for low impact outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, birding, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, orienteering, geocaching , and mountain biking.

As residents of Cameron County, the sponsors of this website believe this county is a unique and special part of the Commonwealth, worthy of protection and exemption from the negative impacts of recreational motorized off-road vehicles. Responsible environmental stewardship is not consistent with recreational ATV/UTV use. Its inherent noise, dust, trash, erosion, invasive plants, trespass issues, as well as traffic and safety concerns that other areas have experienced with both sanctioned and illegal trails.

Presently, there are efforts underway by organized pro-ATV/UTV associations to get approval for use of township and state roads as a route from Clinton County to Emporium and thus gain a foothold in the county for future routes which, as stated in a recent ATV association meeting, would include part of a major trail connecting West Virginia with New York State. We would like to clearly state our opposition to this proposed route that would take vehicles, intended for off- road use only, down Jerry Run Road along a quality trout stream, onto Wycoff Run Road (SR2001), across the bridge to SR120, Railroad St. and Grove St. in Sinnemahoning, then across private land, in the vicinity of the Bucktail Trail, to Driftwood then to Castle Garden via SR555, onto Castle Garden Road towards Mason Hill, past the "Top of the World" Bucktail Overlook, then on Sheddy and Huston Hill (Barr Hollow) Roads, to Sterling Run or, via May Hollow Road, to Whittimore Hill Road (SR3001) into Emporium. This route encompasses many miles of state and township roads. It would run past 249 camps and 152 permanent residences.

ATV/UTV proponents claim that use of the machines on designated roads and trails will bring revenue into the county. However, this region already has a strong outdoor recreation heritage, the activities of which, if promoted in a strategic way, could attract a multitude of low impact visitation to the area. Although, in our opposition to this proposed ATV/UTV route we bear no obligation to offer alternative avenues to attract clientele to the relatively few establishments that may benefit financially from this proposed endeavor, we will, nevertheless, point out that there is tremendous potential to develop the low impact tourism type activities that this region affords, without negatively impacting the natural beauty, wildlife, or landowners of the county. As an example, a 2006 study done by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicated that birdwatchers, alone, contributed 36 billion dollars to the U.S. economy in that one year. Cameron, Elk, Clearfield, McKean, and Potter counties host over 100 species of breeding birds and over 60 species of wintering birds every year that could become a huge year round attraction if properly promoted.

As far as ATV/UTV recreational opportunities are concerned, there are already hundreds of miles of ATV trails and roads open to off-road motorized vehicles in the region. In Cameron County alone there are thousands of acres of hunting club land leases that individuals can join and/or buy summertime recreational permits that are open to off-road vehicle use as well as at least one private pay-to-ride property. Pennsylvania State Forest lands maintain 131 miles of ATV trails in Potter, Clinton, and Centre counties and the Allegheny National Forest in Forest, McKean and Warren counties hosts over 100 miles of ATV trails within its borders. Clearfield County, like Cameron, offers private land riding opportunities.

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Click here to add your name to a petition opposing ATV/UTV recreational use on public land in Cameron County.

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