Cameron County Wilds
Cameron County, Pennsylvania

Fishing in cameron county pa

Cameron County is home to numerous well-stocked and Class A trout streams and a couple fisheries that contain trout as well as some cool water species. The county also boasts George B. Stevenson dam that contains trout and various other cool and warm water species of fish. Anglers from the county and visitors alike have a variety of fishing options which are the envy of some other areas of the Commonwealth.

Access to fishable waters can be as easy or challenging as one wants to make it, from waters adjacent to public roads to back country hikes into remote streams. A bonus to fishing Cameron County is the incredible natural surroundings that make a day on the water an experience that envelopes all the senses.

One drawback, however, and not unique to Cameron County, when fishing near paved roads during warm weather is the roar of numerous motorcycles as they pass by, often times in large groups. The beautiful scenery here attracts all sorts of folks pursuing different activities. This situation could easily be exacerbated by ATV/UTV use should they be permitted to traverse some of these roads. Riding near or through streams can create more siltation, resulting in more turbidity, and is especially threatening to the reproduction of many aquatic species.