Cameron County Wilds
Cameron County, Pennsylvania

Canoeing/Kayaking in cameron county pa

Cameron County has a long history of navigable water for canoeing and kayaking. When the first settlers explored the county, paddling and pulling their own canoes up the Driftwood branch of the Sinnemahoning toward what is now the town of Emporium, they encountered Native American canoes made of birch bark buried in a sand bar for storage, at the mouth of what is now Canoe Run.

Springtime is the optimal season for downriver paddling, but many parts of the scenic Driftwood branch, the Bennett's branch, and the First Fork are navigable throughout the season.

Also, Sinnemahoning State Park has both boating and canoe/kayaking open to the public on George B. Stevenson Dam. Boating is restricted to electric motors only, and the park offers canoe and kayaks for a donation, available for 2 hrs at a time to the public. There is also a local private business that has canoes and kayaks available for rent.

The Cameron County Canoe Club has held the annual Cameron County Canoe & Kayak Classic canoe race on the Driftwood branch of the Sinnemahoning, for well over forty years as a testament to the long canoeing heritage of the area.