Cameron County Wilds
Cameron County, Pennsylvania

Birdwatching in cameron county pa

Cameron County is largely forested consisting of various age classes of timber stands which attract many species of birds. Additionally, there are numerous areas of open fields and shrub habitat that better suit other species. George B. Stevenson dam and several small ponds throughout the county provide the needs for many types of waterfowl. Spring and fall migrations are an exciting time to be out with binoculars and a field guide as many species of birds, not normally found nesting here, pass through on their way to their seasonal haunts. A wide variety of birders, from novices to experts, some of which belong to a local birding association, enjoy quiet days in the field all year round. Many of these folks are involved in Christmas bird counts and during the spring migration.

Noise created by ATV/UTV use threatens the serenity that both birds and birders enjoy and could disrupt nesting patterns for some birds. Loud ambient noise can be a real detriment to people out trying to hear birdsong in order to identify various species.